this has been broken for a long time…

“The truth is, more and more I’m sharing unpopular words, or at least words that represent unpopular opinions. Being the enneagram two people-pleaser that I am, this has been a difficult position to find myself in. But when I look at how wildly unpopular Jesus was during the last few years of his life, I realize I’m in good company, the best really, and I fight on. I say that to clarify that I’m fully aware that these words I’m stringing together to talk about racism and privilege will make some people upset. And maybe that’s what needs to happen.”

I wrote these words in a blog post on April 20th. I had NO idea what was coming.

I didn’t know about Ahmaud and Breonna and George. I didn’t know that I’d be called to write about racial reconciliation. I didn’t know that our country was on the brink of one of the largest civil rights movements in history. I didn’t know the violence that would come. I didn’t know we would argue over words like BLACK and BLUE and ALL. I didn’t know that people who would shock me by turning a blind eye, or that others would surprise me by standing up and speaking out. I didn’t know how much I had to learn.

But I did know on April 20th that something was broken, and that it had been for a long time. I hadn’t always known that though. In fact, until just a few years ago, I told myself it was a political lie, meant to be manipulative and divisive. But I was wrong.

And now, I’m going to continue speaking up and speaking truth, even though it is wildly uncomfortable for me. Because it’s going to take a whole lot more of us admitting we were wrong and rising up before we can make the changes that need to come.

This isn’t political, it’s about people being seen and heard. It’s about believing them when they say they’ve been held down for way too long and they need our help. It’s about leveraging our voices and actions until they can stand up and breathe.

Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash.

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