Shawanda Bonner Morgan (Episode 1)

Shawanda Bonner Morgan is a dear friend and a high school teacher in Lakeland, Florida. In this episode, she shares with us about her pandemic wedding, the importance of story, how she connects with her students, and the impact we have on one another. She opens up in a vulnerable way about her own story growing up in foster care and how that has influenced her identity. We talk about racial reconciliation and what that could look like, and Shawanda shares with me why she’s hopeful about the direction our country is headed.

You will love this conversation!

Links to things we talked about

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One thought on “Shawanda Bonner Morgan (Episode 1)

  1. April,
    just listened to your 4th podcast episode, chills! The part about deconstruction is poignant as I’m ever and probably always going to be constructing and deconstructing my faith. From a small child I have believed we are Imago Dei and only in the fullness of becoming whom God, Jesus , and the Holy Spirit intends us to be are we truly a reflection of God’s image. Thank you!


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